Beginning therapy or counseling could be both empowering and challenging experience. I am here to help you better manage a specific problem, challenge, or transition and complete the counseling process once that’s improved.

My clients vary from competent, successful, and capable individuals to insecure, overwhelmed or confused. All having difficulties with their current level of functioning in life. This may include: experiencing personal or work stress or struggling with relationships.

Still not sure yet if you need therapy? Do You Sometimes…

  • feel anxious, overwhelmed, stuck, or worried
  • feel trapped, angry, irritable, sad, or resentful
  • long for greater control, peace of mind, and freedom
  • or you are a Type A high achievers who get’s a ton done. But now you feel empty, anxious, or disconnected or your relationships are not working well.

I’m not the type of therapist that nods her head and take notes. I’ll actively engage and interact with you. In collaboration, we’ll develop practical and useful strategies to help you feel better. It’s often difficult taking this first step.  Seeking assistance is an act of courage on your part.